Ride Report: Buddies & Minis

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Ride Reports

Tony, Greg & the Buddies pull up at Mini of San Diego in Kearny Mesa.


DATE: Sunday, January 16, 2011

ROUTE: Hillcrest to Kearny Mesa and back again.

MILES: 15.8

RIDERS: 3 – Greg, Tony & Steve S.

Three Sqooterheads headed north from the normal meeting spot of the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market to take three of the coolest scooters ever made (our Genuine Buddies) to see some of the coolest cars ever made (Mini Coopers) at a Sunday BBQ put on by Mini of San Diego in Kearny Mesa.

While there, we met a fellow avid scooterist named Waid, also know as Scooter Daddy, who told us about his amazing collection of vintage scooters. He even has his own web site about them:  http://www.scooterdaddy.com

Along the route, Steve spotted a snazzy red-and-crream Harley-Davidson that called out to his red-and-cream Buddy, El Toro. Before long, both machines were nose to nose checking each other out:

And here’s the route we took: 


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